Friday, October 21, 2005


Condoleezza Rice is looking for accountability? Isn’t she concerned that the world may ask for the U.S. and this administration to be held accountable? Starting with the responsibility for the 100,000 or so non-military deaths during our ongoing failure of an invasion of Iraq. How about being accountable for misleading the entire population of the U.S. about, well: WMD, Iraq-9/11 connection, global warming, tax relief (as in only for the rich), the qualifications of Harry (to name only one), etc., etc. She can’t be serious unless she is looking to justify the invasion of Syria. Could Condi be trying to shield our failure in Iraq by invading another country? Considering our perchance for blowing up wedding parties it might be sporting to warn all those planning such events in Syria to move their dates ahead for the safety of the families involved. In that vain let the Syrians be warned “Don’t let yourselves be taken prisoner”


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