Friday, February 23, 2007

Morning musings

Morning musings: I just got to work and for some reason gave some thought to what living in these times allowed as a morning’s entertainment – well often background entertainment.

I woke to the Goldberg Variation - did my sit-ups to the weather channel and sports center – rode the stationary bike while reading a great Alice Munro story - read the Globe comics, sports and editorial page over my cereal - read the Times Arts, Business and Sports on the bus listening to the Kronos Quartet play Bill Evans – switched to a Bach The Art of the Fugue on the train – while I read Modern Liberty by Charles Fried – listened to Lucinda Williams new CD while I walked to the office….. all before 9:00.

These activities were not possible even in one week not too long ago. TV, i-pods, alarm clock CD players, easy access to multiple newspapers, newly published books and CDs are all relatively new possibilities. I’ve probably listened to more of Bach that all the people who heard him in his life time.


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