Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stuffing worship..... is it healthy?

On November 2005, Ruth M. Siems, the inventor of Stove Top stuffing died at her home in Newburgh, Ind. Most of what was important about Ruth can be found in today’s N.Y. Times obituary. I was most interested in the mention that StoveTop “freed stuffing from Thanksgiving” meaning you didn’t need a turkey or even a holiday to enjoy stuffing. This got me to worrying, as this could be an alarming situation. A bag of the stuff, a pan, some water, a stove, passable motor skills combined with elementary reading ability and you can sit down to a big plate of stuffing 24/7. What are the implications of this easy access to stuffing? Stuffing addiction comes to mind along with neglect of social and family responsibilities while enjoying stuffing whenever the mood hits. Will people abandon television, video games, McDonald’s and the rosary? (Incidentally the digital rosary I promised a few years ago is on hold till the life of batteries is improved) While we wait for the church, the police, the Iraqi deputy minister for nutrition and Zippy to formulate a response let us as this holiday season begins hope that nobody gets hurt.

Happy Thanksgiving


Blogger Ellen said...

Maybe you should create a shortcut to one of America's favorite foods that would make you a millionaire, Mr. Smarty Pants.....

5:49 AM  

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