Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feeling much better now, Thank You!!!

Despite the mild winter I have been feeling a little blue lately. Many things perhaps contributed to my malaise; I haven’t held a fly rod in months, the Buffalo Bills didn’t win the Super Bowl again and I just was notified that after being named one of the ten finalists for 2006 Beer Drinker of the Year award I didn’t make the last cut to three (I must have finished fourth).

However I must confess the real reason for being a little down. The truth is I’ve been worried about “Tommy-Boy” Delay. I’ve been concerned about his well-being after he stepped down from his prestigious job in the house. But you know this is a great country! Today’s NY Times reported Representative Delay has been “rewarded” with a seat on the Appropriations Committee. This seat being vacant after Republican Representative Cunningham pleaded guilty to charges related to accepting 2.4 million in bribes. Good job Randy!

Now the kicker – how can one stay glum in this great land – Tom was also given a seat on the subcommittee overlooking the Justice Department. The Justice Department just happens to be investigating an influence-peddling scandal involving Jack Abramoff. I’m sure Tom will be able to provide valuable insights into this issue.

And I’ve been considering Portugal as retirement possibility.


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