Monday, March 06, 2006

He means it!

Thank goodness, we can all relax and enjoy the day, sleep well tonight, start planning for the future again!!! Today during a visit to Afghanistan President George stated, “"I'm confident he will be brought to justice” referring to Osama bin Laden. In case you’ve forgotten he is likely a real criminal responsible for real destruction against the U.S. And folks I think he means “captured”. Now I know your thinking; what has been going on with this for five years but he means it this time. I mean he ment it before but George has been busy screwing up a lot of stuff in the last five years; Iraq, Global Warming, Katrina, the budget, etc. and when your busy killing innocent people, endangering others and insuring that the future generations will inherit a country completely in hock to the Chinese (but probably too burdened with taxes to notice) well you can understand how sometimes your focus slips. It sounds like he is ready now and he means business


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