Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Emma's Revolution..Phil Ochs for 2006

Emma's Revolution (as in Emma Goldman) appeared at the Boston Folk Festival last Saturday. If you're familiar with "I ain't a marchin any more" and "If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution" the this duo is a must hear (or see if your lucky) They are superb..



How can the honor, economic health and world opinion of the United States deteriorate to the point of near collapse and nobody notices? Specifically how can our court appointed, corporate sponsored administration work in plain view to destroy our constitution, invade sovereign countries, disregard global warming, murder civilians the women, children, old man kind of civilians, reduce taxes for the rich, laugh at the Geneva Conventions, advocate torture, etc and nobody notices? Note this is all in plain view of the population?

The answer my friend is nobody is paying attention. And if no one is paying attention what are they doing? Here are two possible culprits: mobile (cell) phones and mp3 players (i-Pods). If one is either talking on the cell, waiting for a call, text messaging or waiting for a text message how can they notice? If The minority not talking on the cell (while driving, walking, eating , etc) is listening to music and pod-casts or watching video and playing games on their handheld there are not enough to make a worry the thugs in Washington to be concerned. Oh I forgot those charging their batteries! If you don’t think this a possibility look around on the streets.

On another subject our Office of Homeland security has failed again to warn us of the latest terrorist threat: terrorist spinach. Never in the history of this nation has spinach killed anyone. Isn’t it a little odd that just 5 years after the criminal attacks of 9/11 people are dying from spinach…this folks is terrorist spinach and why is the administration so quite? Who controls the bagged spinach industry, Mister Cheney?