Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stuffing worship..... is it healthy?

On November 2005, Ruth M. Siems, the inventor of Stove Top stuffing died at her home in Newburgh, Ind. Most of what was important about Ruth can be found in today’s N.Y. Times obituary. I was most interested in the mention that StoveTop “freed stuffing from Thanksgiving” meaning you didn’t need a turkey or even a holiday to enjoy stuffing. This got me to worrying, as this could be an alarming situation. A bag of the stuff, a pan, some water, a stove, passable motor skills combined with elementary reading ability and you can sit down to a big plate of stuffing 24/7. What are the implications of this easy access to stuffing? Stuffing addiction comes to mind along with neglect of social and family responsibilities while enjoying stuffing whenever the mood hits. Will people abandon television, video games, McDonald’s and the rosary? (Incidentally the digital rosary I promised a few years ago is on hold till the life of batteries is improved) While we wait for the church, the police, the Iraqi deputy minister for nutrition and Zippy to formulate a response let us as this holiday season begins hope that nobody gets hurt.

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2005

Letter the N.Y.Times will probably not print

When Mr. Cheney says, "We will succeed in this mission, and when it is concluded, we will be a safer nation,” he and the administration continue to show themselves unaware of a simple truth: we simply have not and will not despite the tremendous loss of humanity and the depletion of our treasury succeed in this endeavor, not now not ever. It is time for the American public to join with our recently awakened congress and ask Mr. Cheney and company to explain HOW we are to succeed and most important HOW “we will be a safer nation”. The time for just insinuating these proclamations are true “just because we say so” is past.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Patricia Barber/Patricia Barber/Patricia Barber

Last night at the Regatta Bar this poet, songster, pianist, jazz genius once again absolutely blew me away. She is hands down one of the very best jazz performers playing today and as she keeps getting better (and she will) of all time.

Last night she played another piece of her Guggenheim song cycle. It more than lived up to the first piece Whiteworld which is on her recent CD. The completion of this project is good reason to take care of your health to be sure to be around when it is done.

Oh and her sidemen are pretty good too.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Tortillas/Lucinda Williams, Zippy and me

“Tortillas and other related products” This I saw printed on the side of a delivery truck on Milk Street this morning as I walked to work. I was listening to Lucinda Williams. I liked this phrase. It is kind of Zippyesque (SP). I began to think of how a product becomes related to a tortilla. Lots of questions came to mind. How close a relation is necessary to be offered by this purveyor? Must you be “foodstuff” to be related? If you are related to a tortilla is your life enhanced? How? How does one know if their relationship to tortillas is satisfactory? Can such a relationship be sustained?

This may sound kind of corny to you but sometimes walking to work can be very demanding.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Three Guys/ Two Beards/Thirty Five Years

I was surprised to read this morning* that ZZ Top has been playing together for thirty-five years. This may be a record for sustaining three chords over a long period of time. An amazing accomplishment maintaining real rock and roll (I feel these guys are the same league as the Stones, Frank Zappa, Arrowsmith, Bob Seeger, etc) for so long.

Incidentally I like Hound Dog Taylor’s definition: “If it’s slow it’s the blues, if it’s fast its rock and roll.”

*NYT 10 November 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

He declared, "We do not torture."

This statement from gwb is baffling in view of his administration’s wildly intense effort to stop congress from passing legislation against torture. Does this mean that we don’t now torture but may do so in the future? Does it mean that we used to torture but stopped because we got caught? Does it mean we torture but don’t tell gwb? Does it mean we torture but gwb thinks of it as hazing?
Does gwb say this because dick tell him to say we don’t torture? Maybe “do” is the problem, maybe gwb doesn’t know what “do” means. Maybe he doesn’t know anything.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Walking from the train to the office this morning (in the sun a beautiful morning in Boston) I was half listening till I heard Tom Waits sing "...get down off that cross we can use the wood.." It was still a beautiful morning but I had to start thinking long before I planned.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Too many Catholics ?

In these questionable times some catholic questions are up for consideration.

If Scalia-Lite is confirmed the majority of Supreme Court justices will be R.C. (Although only one will be from Buffalo) Will they uphold the lay of the land? Will they face excommunication if they uphold the law of the land?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

White Sox

Belated congratulations. Operating as a Red Sox fan and under the premise that if it can't be the Red Sox anybody but the Yankees is fine I feel some enthusiasm for the Pale Hose. It should be noted that as a former Chicago resident (who could see Wrigley from his front window) and a Cubs fan I have some connection however I still feel the lost of my investment in Houston.

it's only a number

2000 dollars won’t buy a decent used car
2000 feet is not a long walk
2000 miles is not even cross country
2000 drops of water won’t make a shower.

in humankind 2000 won’t

fill a town
a college
a music festival
a ballpark

2000 live humankind that is.

dead nonetheless they do add up
24,000 pints of blood that will never nourish…
10,000 fingers that will never touch…
90,000 miles of nerves that will never feel…anything…ever again.

2000 isn’t very many humans.
unless they’re dead.

all dead for the telling of
one lie.

d.l.marfurt 31 October 2005

Makeshift disclaimer: this poem being a little time in the process is out of date as of today 2024 is the new number…hopefully when you read this it isn’t any higher.